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Technology is core to the Group’s philosophy as the Directors believe that it is through the use of modern technological methods and advances that the Group can deliver high quality products that can be differentiated from more generic functional products.

Through Pure R&T, the Group has established its own research and innovation centre to focus on innovative methods for developing functional products and ingredients across diverse industry areas, such as cosmetics, animal care, health products and food & beverages (particularly with respect to enhanced bioavailability). Pure R&T will hold the intellectual property for the products it develops.

In particular, the Group has the ability to provide cannabinoids (both full and broad-spectrum) and other nutraceuticals in a water soluble “colloidal suspension” that is tasteless, odourless and transparent both in liquid and powder form.

Pure Technologies develops novel ingredients and foods using its own proprietary methodologies and equipment that neutralizes the odors, colors and tastes typically associated with nature-based cannabidiol. At its R&D center, Pure Research & Technologies, the group actively researches and develops functional nature-based products and ingredients for beauty and cosmetics, wellness and health, animal care and the food and beverage industry.


Strategic Alliance

Pure Functionals has a strategic alliance in place with a renowned Dutch research centre.This organisation develops novel technologies, food and beverage products and ingredients that are healthier, fresher and tastier, with optimal preservation of original nutrients.

It is specialised in new technologies based not only on chemistry but on physics and is very active in the CBD arena. This partnership is expected to help position the Group as a leader in the development of world class functional products.

Pure Functionals is actively exploring disruptive technologies for extraction, encapsulation and next-level cold pressing with their strategic partners. These unique collaborations focus on products for the fibre hemp industry. This unique partnership serves to secure Pure Functionals leadership position in the development of world class products



One of the main problems with CBD and other cannabinoids is that they are lipophilic (fat soluble). The Group’s SubMicron technology addresses this issue by converting cannabinoids (both full and broad-spectrum) and other fat-soluble nutraceuticals into a water soluble emulsion that, when diluted, is tasteless, odourless and transparent both in oil and powder form.

The first step is to produce a concentrated emulsion in which the the size of the oil droplets carrying the CBD has been reduced to sizes of less than 1 micrometre in diameter. (To put things into perspective, a human red blood cell is approximately 5 micrometers). The next step is to encapsulate the oil droplets in the emulsion adding a water-soluble ingredient to the water of emulsion. An example of this would be Infused by standard emulsion which is able to load 1-5% of CBD in water (high concentrate water-oil solutions).

This can be diluted into a (functional) beverage (with for example 10mg of CBD per 500ml of water) easily and uses a minimum of excipient ingredients.

This water-soluble ingredient can be a protein or a carbohydrate. This can then be also dried to produce a white, protein-rich powder that is completelywater soluble. In addition, the reduction in particle size to submicron levels enhances the delivery of bioactive molecules by allowing easy passage through absorption sites and facilitating access to the blood stream across all delivery routes (oral, transdermal, sublingual, ocular, etc.). Both the liquid and powder forms can be sold as bulk ingredients and the powder is also used in the Group’s CBD capsules.

PR&T, the Group’s technology company, has applied for a patent in respect of the SubMicron technology.


Plasma Technologies

A gas can be in different phases such as liquid solid, super-critical, vapor/gas and then there is an energy state called plasma. In plasma a lot of energy is applied which can make compounds within the plasma react rapidly. Plasmas can be very hot, but it is still not combustion, but plasmas can also be rather cold (like cold plasma). With an example of Hydroxyapatite, which is a hard calcium phosphate type material, identical to the outer coating of human teeth, this substance can either be formed by mixing gases excited to plasma state, -or it can be blown as existing ultra-fine hydroxyapatite powder particles, into a field of plasma.

Our hemp powder or other semi-finished powder formula is agitated inside a chamber or drum. Hydroxyapatite starts breaking down in acids (stomach) and SiO2 breaks down in (strongly alkaline environments) such as in the small intestine when Bile mixes with what is ingested. Therefore, it is believed that both would have high bioavailability, and that bioavailability could be tailored to the exact need, by combining with any other known technology into a new and better one, with both the benefits from that single technology combined with plasma.



Cold Extraction 

Pure Functional’s CBD-infused products are not based on traditional CBD extraction methods but on a novel cold extraction technology developed by Pure Research & Technologies. The process is used in the production of top quality extracts and has the following advantages.

a.) the solvent system is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, inert and pH neutral;
b.) non-detectable levels of solvent residue in the final products;
c.) efficient and highly selective( no waxes or unwanted polyphenols are co-extracted;
d.) no further down-stream processing is needed;
e.) the chemical composition in the extract resembles very closely that of the cannabis plant including terpenes; and
f.) the end product has a superior taste, colour and aroma.

The extracts provides the basis to produce CBD extract to CBD-in-oil solution, which can be then used, but the groups's SubMicron process, to produce a tasteless, odorless and transparent water-soluble form of CBD, making it attractive dor a wide range for end products. 

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