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Pure Solutions

As one of Europe’s largest CBD suppliers for the B2B market we offer our clients turn-key solutions always endeavouring to supply products of the highest quality with the assurance of consistency.


Why choose
Pure Functionals?

Pure Functionals is an expert in the field of cannabinoid formulations. Our in-house team of
formulators and scientists are all highly qualified, knowledgeable and able to determine which formulations and potencies are best when paired with a specific delivery system.

We have a large selection of isolates, distillates, full and broad spectrum oils with a wide range delivery systems.  We provide higher quality levels and consistency, thanks to better product innovations and manufacturing processes.


White Label

White label products are proven concepts that you can leverage for faster success providing greater leeway for marketing and branding while keeping costs lower on the production side. If you don’t have the time or possibilities to create and produce your own products, then you can rely on our white label option enabling you to determine your own pricing strategy. There are no development costs, but the labels and outer packaging are your responsibility. The advantage is that white label options can be delivered quickly. Our total range of products are available as a white label option.


Private Label

Just like white label products you can rely on our proven concepts for quality, consistency, and affordability.

• Guaranteed consistent high quality, no development costs, no fuss no muss but still your own brand. Determine your own pricing strategy. Build customer loyalty.

All of our products are available as a white label products.


Tailor Made

Your company provides all the product specifications and you pay for the product production and delivery.

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