Cold Pressed Vs Traditional Extraction Techniques

Pure Natur is one of the first European companies to offer a unique range of cold pressed cannabinoid-rich hemp oils. 


The cold pressed method we use is one of the most environmentally friendly methods and the hemp oil we produce contains many more natural elements from the hemp plant than traditional hemp oil, which is produced using different extraction methods.

We don't use any solvents, just pressure and water. 
Pure Natur believes in nature in its purest form. So for our cold pressed hemp oils we do not use unnatural extraction methods such as supercritical CO2, ethanol or alcohol extraction (which requires chemical solvents), but we squeeze the whole plant through our equipment, without using chemical solvents.

The result 
A unique 100% natural cold pressed hemp oil, which ensures a higher bioavailability with all nutrients, natural fats, vitamins and phytocannabinoids left intact, resulting in a maximum entourage effect.