Compliance and Quality Assurance


Compliance and
Quality Assurance

The Pure Functionals group is a leading supplier of innovative products all over the world.

The entire production follows the GMP guidelines. Advanced processes are used in the manufacture of CBD oils and other products of the highest purity. Our production is ISO 9001 certified. This guarantees quality and gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best possible products anywhere in the world.

The Pure Functional Group holds the following certifications:


Novel Food

The Novel Foods regime requires producers and suppliers of consumable CBD products to be authorised by national food agencies, such as the Food Standards Agency in the UK (“FSA”) and the European Food Safety Authority across Europe (“EFSA”). Applications to both the FSA and to EFSA have been made through the European Industrial Hemp Association (“EIHA”) however we are still waiting for these applications to be processed.


Quality Control

All our CBD ingestible products are 3 party lab tested via Brightlabs. To guarantee consistency in our products we continuously invest in quality control, research & development and process improvement.

We undertake extensive testing throughout the vertical column, from seed to final product. This success is driven by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who thrive in our informal, customer-oriented culture.

In order to guarantee this quality to our customers, Pure Functionals has had its processes and operational management extensively certified and we are periodically audited.

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