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The two distinct markets where CBD is in great demand are the health industry and the wellness sector. 

Although these two sectors overlap to some extent, the CBD industry's greatest growth comes from CBD development in the wellness / food supplement section, where Candropharm excels. 

As governments around the world relax their stance, more and more countries are welcoming the development of novel CBD products. So who  buys bulk CBD? There are many different individuals and organisations who require wholesale CBD products, think of:
•    Food supplement manufacturers
•    Inhaler and vape product creators
•    Pet supplement manufacturers
•    Product manufacturers and distributors (resellers)
•    Research chemists experimenting with blends and products
•    Supplement manufacturers
•    Topical application creators.

Candropharm is a European leader in the production of bulk and wholesale CBD, with a focus on superb quality control, offering the full range of products such as:
•    Bulk CBD-rich hemp oils
•    Bulk CBD-rich broad spectrum hemp oil
•    Flavoured bulk CBD hemp oil
•    Bulk CBD-CBG hemp oils
•    Bulk Heneplex
•    Bulk CBD-ULTRA.

Our ISO certified CBD bulk products guarantee both quality and consistency. This allows our CBD bulk clients to rest assured that they will always receive the highest quality, most reliable wholesale CBD available.

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